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Video from the PRSA Digital Impact Conference

In April, I presented at the PRSA Digital Impact Conference  in NYC. It was a great crowd. My presentation was From Community to Kinship which included my thoughts on digital communities for brands community. If all brands have communities, how do you make your brand stand out? What comes after community? The answer… Kinship. Here is a short video interview following my presentation. It will give you a flavor of the topic discussed.

140 Character Musings

Why the Head of HR is a CMO’s Best Friend

If you want more brand advocates, connect your people strategy with your brand strategy. Musing in form of a blog post I wrote after reading some interesting research about engagement of employees on the job and how that makes them feel about the company they work for. Since most employees are also on social media in some way shape or form, how they feel about your company will get out – whether that story is a good one or not is up to you.

CMOs and the Digital Paparazzi

Social media risk is the digital paparazzi of the business world. How do you make sure the executives of your company show up well online and in a way that supports your overall brand strategy? Read about five simple steps to get you there: Claim, Update, Educate, Monitor, Integrate. This blog post was also featured on The CMO Club website.


To make a big leap forward in business, your career or anything else you have to do one critical thing…. you have to actually leap. Choose your moment, start the momentum, aim at a landing spot and jump. Put that all together and you leap.

Pinterest… What Do You Think?

Drew Neisser from Renegade asked me what I thought about brands and Pinterest. We had a great chat about various points of view which led to a post he wrote for The Drew Blog and a few other places on the web. Drew has done a lot of research and thinking about Pinterest and he writes a great blog that I recommend you check out.

Responsive Content Design 101

“But responsive Web design isn’t enough, said Katrina Klier, Accenture’s managing director of global digital marketing and communications. Companies also need to employ responsive content design if they really want to reach and connect with their current and prospective customers — and most content these days isn’t responsive.”

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