14 Digital Imperatives for 2014

Posted on 01/01/2014

Slide1Welcome to 2014! This is the year to go “all-in” with digital marketing both as a marketing executive and for your company. As the saying goes, you can’t learn to swim if you don’t get in the water so let’s dive in.

Here are 14 things to do in 2014 – some are for your personal brand as it reflects on your company and some are for your company overall:

  • 1. Claim some LinkedIn Limelight. LinkedIn is your virtual resume, your professional credential and a key part of your personal brand that reflects directly on your company. Spiff it up, add presentations, recommendations, etc. to showcase your amazing talents.
  • 2. Go SEO yourself. Google your name and various combinations of your name, title and company. What do you find? Is this the brand you want others to see? Your search results plus your LinkedIn profile are your digital calling card as an executive so time to craft a good showing.
  • 3. Give a Tweet about Twitter.  Set up your personal profile, add some lists and get active. Really, there are no more excuse on this one.
  • 4. Get Some Digital Cred. Just like you check your credit score regularly (if not, that’s another resolution list), check your digital influence score with sites like Klout, Kred and others. They are directional but often used as screens by media and analysts for credibility.
  • 5. Measure, Monitor, Modify. Take a look at your company’s metrics and related monitoring processes and modify as needed for your current business landscape and goals. If this gets out of sync, you’re set up for a potential customer service or other digital disaster.
  • 6. Do a Social Media Check-up.  Social media trends, best practices and related laws move quickly and your policies should be updated frequently. Make sure you have good legal support here too, especially if your company operates in multiple countries. Need help? Read Cheryl Burgess and Mark Burgess’ book The Social Employee – it’s a great book.
  • 7. Clean out the Content Closet. When was the last time you did a sweeping archive of your corporate website? Many companies have years of old content, microsites and other orphaned landing pages clogging up user experience and search results. domain name tech info . Time to archive.
  • 8. Build Communities… for Real. Every CMO or marketing executive worries about press, analyst, media coverage, etc. Do you manage these influential people as a community? Do you engage them or react to them? Digital marketing can help you build more meaningful and collaborative relationships here. For inspiration, read Ted Rubin and Kathryn Rose’s book Return on Relationship
  • 9. Break Bread with your CIO. Get out of the office on a regular basis and go have a meal. Talk. Discuss strategy and trends. Get past the mutual functional frustrations and create some joint-wins. Best case you’ll have some fantastic results in 2014. Worst case you’ll have several good meals, so basically you can’t lose.
  • 10. Smile and Engage. Pick an executive professional network or charitable organization (why not both?) you love and jump in. Go to the events. Talk to people. Follow on social media. Be inspired. Be helpful. Make a difference.
  • 11. Clear the Mental Cobwebs. Go to at least one event this year, or better yet two, that forces you to talk to people you don’t know and to think about things in new ways. Some great events to try are: SXSW, iStrategy, LeWeb
  • 12. Squirm and Grow. Pilot a few new channels, new media formats or new storytelling styles with your branded content. Video, mobile, Snapchat… take a look at the broad landscape of opportunity. Yes, this will make your company squirm but trying new things, thoughtfully and strategically, makes a brand healthier. Just make sure you have goals up front, monitoring in place and a deliberate way to incorporate insights back in to your brand strategy.
  • 13. Read Online and Share. If for some reason you don’t already own an iPad or Kindle go buy one. Download the apps for your favorite publications or create a web folder of Daily Reads with links to some great sites. Read and share what you like on Twitter (see #3 above). It’s easy, just click on the Twitter share icon and you’re done. You can often share on LinkedIn too.
  • 14. Inspire Your Team. A team is only as good as its leader enables it to be. So be grateful for the people who make your company great; set big, bold goals then get out of the way and let them do their magic; be a champion for new learning; foster talent for today and tomorrow. You can follow some inspirational people online as well. Try @LollyDaskal and @MeghanMBiro on Twitter and on LinkedIn you can follow all sorts of thought leaders from Richard Branson to Deepak Chopra.

Here’s to a great 2014!  #14for2014