Posted on 11/07/2012

To make a big leap forward in business, your career or anything else you have to do one critical thing…. you have to actually leap. Choose your moment, start the momentum, aim at a landing spot and jump. Put that all together and you leap.

If you wait until you’re pushed by other forces be it the competition, regulation, company decisions, etc. then you end up stumbling at best; falling at worst and no one enjoys that. In theory, you would always leap. But no one has perfect foresight so you end up with a mix of leaps, stumbles and a few falls. The trick is to have mostly leaps which make you stronger to deal with the occasional stumble or fall.

Leaping requires preparation and agility. You have to have a basic idea of where you are and where you want to land even if you don’t know the exact spot. You need to think about paths to your desired landing as there is almost always more than one. You have to assess if you have the energy to make it there and if you don’t, find a way to gain the energy needed. Understanding your level of tolerated risk is also critical – how wobbly a landing can you withstand? You’ll need to be able to balance quickly and possibly leap again if need be which requires an active understanding of your environment and confidence in your abilities. Then you need the courage and conviction to jump and start the process.

Leaping well means being open to new information and constantly scanning your environment. Don’t be afraid to see what others don’t or can’t – some of the greatest ideas in history came from calculated leaps to landing places others could not see or were too afraid to try. Know what you do well and what you need help to do better and then get yourself that help. Calculate the risks, have a contingency plan and LEAP.

Leap with conviction. Leap with courage. Leap with a positive mindset – knowing you can sort out anything you need to.

But most importantly… LEAP.

Being paralyzed by fear of the unknown, fear of the competition, or fear of failure simply puts you in a position to be pushed. Once pushed you’ll likely stumble or fall and end up someplace you don’t want to be. Leaping is proactive and creates momentum. Stumbling or falling is reactive and puts you at the mercy of other forces.

Leaping well takes practice and that is easy enough to do. Start with a few small, calculated leaps. What can you leap in to today? Give it a try. You may find yourself leaping for joy.