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Early Career
TEch sector and beyond

I rode the dot.com boom and built a multi-billion dollar business inside HP. At HP, I learned the value of communities and how to build them well. My HP work was all about Linux which meant new technology built by a community and sold with new business models. Yes, before there was crowd sourcing there was Open Source – it was ground breaking and hugely fun. Microsoft presented an opportunity to learn global channel marketing and how to efficiently scale just about anything. At Microsoft, I built an industry leading digital marketing organization from PR and communications, to demand generation, to e-commerce, social media, mobile experience and a suite of digital concierge properties. From this I learned how to integrate digital marketing with more traditional marketing all over the globe – efficiently, effectively and profitably. Now at Accenture, I have the privilege of leading all our digital efforts across the globe with an emphasis on brand reach, perception and engagement. Here I’m diving into the brave new world of global content marketing innovation and a host of other exciting things.


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